Tigard Lean Code

Tigard, Washington County, Oregon, USA

About Tigard Lean Code

The Tigard Triangle Strategic Redevelopment Plan is a blueprint for establishing a pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use district built around the Triangle’s distinguishing natural features with the vision that, ultimately, the Triangle evolves into an active, multimodal district connected to the City and the region that attracts new residents and businesses.


The city’s development protocols make it difficult for small developers or owners to upgrade their property.


Several stakeholder meetings were held to determine ways that would make small possible. A Lean Threshold Matrix was developed that helps to reduce the burden on smaller developers.

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Location: Tigard, Washington County, Oregon, USA
Categories: Public Works Planning and Engineering
Features: Green Infrastructure, Lean Urbanism, Pink Zone, Transit Ready
Year Started: 2015
Size: 200 Acres
Website: http://www.tigard-or.gov/tigard_triangle.php
Client: City of Tigard
Partners: DPZ Partners, PlaceMakers

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