Saratoga Springs Master Plan

Saratoga Springs, Utah, USA

About Saratoga Springs Master Plan

Subsidiarity, Cost-Estimating on the Fly, Transect-Based Infrastructure Including Costs


Bringing to scale a very large area regional masterplan.


Developed spreadsheets for quick infrastructure cost calculating by linear feet of streets.
Combining those spreadsheets with spreadsheets for each block type along the rural-to-urban transect.
Analyzing who controls what and at what level in the regional hierarchy, by developing a Subsidiarity Table.
Showing the cost benefits of green infrastructure by comparison with conventional stormwater management.

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Location: Saratoga Springs, Utah, USA
Categories: Blog, Land Development Planning and Engineering
Features: Green Infrastructure, Green Streets, Infrastructure Costing by Transect, Infrastructure costing spreadsheets, lean infrastructure, Masterplan, Structure Plan, subsidiarity
Year Started: 2011
Size: 2,900 Acres
Partners: DPZ Partners

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