San Marcos SmartCode and Sustainability

San Marcos, Texas, USA

About San Marcos SmartCode and Sustainability

The City of San Marcos, TX is developing a new zoning code for the city and is addressing critical sustainability issues, particularly in regard to the limestone recharge area, which is very susceptible to direct pollution when development occurs within the geologically sensitive area. CGI collaborated with a wide range of sophisticated stakeholders to draft sustainability guidelines that would satisfy the full range of interests from deep environmentalists to developers.


The citizens are concerned that the masterplan will create concrete-lined arroyos and degrade the character of the natural arroyos.


Develop Constraints and Opportunities, adjust the Masterplan to avoid the 100-year floodways, develop a transect-based approach to arroyo modifications, develop green streets that apply a Light Imprint approach that saves money.

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Location: San Marcos, Texas, USA
Categories: Public Works Planning and Engineering
Features: Green Infrastructure, SmartCode
Year Started: 2011
Size: 30.3 Square Miles
Client: City of San Marcos
Partners: Dover Kohl and Partners, Oski Studios, Town Planning and Urban Design Collaborative

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