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Civil Engineer and Urbanist. President of Crabtree Group, Inc. a full-service civil engineering firm formed in 1999.

Understanding Climate Science

A goal to achieve a basic understanding of climate change science through brief and accessible readings is one of the largest conundrums of climate action. It’s a complex science that actually requires more than brief readings to achieve even a basic grounding. I’ve read a couple of dozen books on the subject, most of IPCC’s [...]

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Sprout Tiny Home Village

The 19 acre project provides for 200 IBC-compliant energy-efficient tiny homes, 5 acres of parks, 1,700 feet of Arkansas River frontage with public trail, 3,600 total feet of trails, a restaurant, 96 storage units, and a meeting hall. The village is located at the SW end of the city, along the Arkansas River, and is [...]

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Lean Infrastructure as a Response to the Pitfalls of Conventional Gold-plated Infrastructure

For the past six decades the waste inherent in cheap oil, overblown national public works standards, and car-dominance have resulted in gold-plating (incorporating costly features or refinements into something unnecessarily; often in the name of excessive “factors of safety” or “redundancy”). This gold- plating presents barriers to accomplishing good urbanism in the form of initial [...]

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The Principles of Green Infrastructure

Principles of Green Infrastructure Green Infrastructure (sometimes called Low Impact Development, or LID), far from being a “new technology”, is actually the recovery of a lost technology. For example, bioswales (roadside ditches) and bioretention areas (sunken gardens), French drains (retention trenches) and brick/cobblestone streets (pervious pavers) are actually ancient technologies. French drains and pervious pavers [...]

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The Post-Masterplan Infrastructure Charrette

As a full-service civil engineering firm that is focused and experienced at New Urbanist principles and practices, we have engaged in dozens and dozens of masterplan charrettes throughout the United States and internationally, with some of the top urban planning firms of the world (DPZ and Partners, Moule and Polyzoides, Placemakers, Dover-Kohl and Partners, Sargent [...]

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On Street Tree Design

Steve Mouzon, my colleague over at Original Green wrote a great blog that can be found at the link in his introduction: The basic rules of thumb of street tree design are really simple; it’s amazing how often cities and developers don’t get them right. Thoughts? Steve I responded with this: Great blog Steve. A [...]

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Salon des Refusés

Aerial Vignette - Kety, TX (Salon des Refusés, Illustration by author) In 2010, Crabtree Group Inc., joined an ad hoc design team backed by the environmental groups, Sea Grant Texas and the Texas Coastal Watershed Program, to create a counter-proposal for a competition that aimed to design a new subdivision.  This new subdivision was [...]

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